مجمع عمومی عادی سالانه شرکت شیمیایی لاوان برگزار شد

The Annual General Assembly of Lavan Petrochemicals was Held

The annual general assembly of Lavan Petrochemicals was held on Saturday 8th of Aban 1400 with the presence of Dr. Behroz Abbasi, the CEO of Sepehr Energy, under the superintendence of Dr. Farhad Jahanghiri, the Holding COO, and the presence of MohammadTaher Shafiyi, CEO, and Mohammad Ali Karimian, a board member of Lavan.
Mr. Karimian, CEO of the last fiscal year and current board member of Lavan petrochemicals, told the assembly: Unfortunately, we were not able to achieve the desired progress in our program due to the severance and legal problems of Laval Petrochemicals during the last few years, which made Lavan temporarily stop this project. This project was under the radar because of previous planning. Fortunately, after the repeated pursuits and support of various governmental and judicial elements safe-guarded the endangered rights of our shareholders, especially our dear cultural figures, which gives us hope to finally continue this project after years of assiduity.
Later on, this assembly approved financial statements and board reports of Lavan Petrochemicals of the fiscal year ending in 1400/06/31.

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