The Annual General Assembly of Sepehr Lavan’s Qutb Petrochemicals was Held

The annual general assembly of Sepehr Lavan’s Qutb Petrochemicals was held on Sunday 9th of Aban 1400 with the presence of Dr. Behroz Abbasi, the CEO of Sepehr Energy, under the superintendence of Dr. Farhad Jahanghiri, the Holding COO, the presence of Mohsen Roshandel, CEO, and Mohammad Sharafshahi, the Qutb company chairman.

This company started its planning for entering the competitive market and servicing other companies in the region while focusing on the quality of its non-industrial services to holding-covered companies. Hereof, they have operationalized the first phase of the Sepehr Hotel with the capacity of 144 beds, while conducting the necessary follow-ups of executing the second phase with the capacity of 430 beds.

Mohsen Roshandel, the CEO of Sepehr Lavan’s Qutb Petrochemicals, said while emphasizing the importance of recognizing business development capacity in the area and the creation of proper infrastructures: creating infrastructures for traveling and flight affairs, transport services, quality food and catering, manpower training, and attention to tourism are some fields we will seriously follow-up on with the aim to meeting the needs of stakeholders and gaining the satisfaction of covered partners.

He continued: Regarding the matter of efficiently providing food for companies covered by Sepehr Co., we are expanding our menu, food quality, redesigning the group restaurants, the design of restaurant mechanizations, and exclusive packing; all of which will be operationalized soon. Specialized and general training courses are another important goals of this company. We have conducted the necessary negotiations with 20 well-known and professional teachers in this field to expand our target audience, which now covers other companies outside the ones covered by Sepehr Co.

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