Lavan Petrochemical Company

Lavan Chemical Company was founded in 2005 to establish an ammonia unit with a capacity of 677 TMT per year and a granular urea unit with a capacity of 1073 TMT per year. The main HQ of the company is in Tehran, Saadat Abad, 2nd Street, North Second Street, No. 15, 4th floor. Lavan Chemical Company is a commercial subsidiary of Energy Sepher Co., located at phase 2 of South Pars Energy Field in Asaluye.چشم انداز


Given its unique conditions (economic production, maritime access, and similar advantages, Lavan Chemical Co. will satisfy most of Iran’s currency needs in the following years and ensure the future of agriculture, ultimately improving Iran’s technical engineering, economic-financial and social capacities.


Lavan Chemical Co. is active in Iran’s oil, gas, and petrochemical industry and strives to realize the required industrial-economic projects. Lavan Chemical Co. has also been able to operationalize a urea and ammonia unit based on the knowledge of Iranian technicians through continuous innovation and creativity, as well as research in petrochemical technology.

The strategic objectives

  • Exporting urea and ammonia
  • Improving the design and engineering, and development plans of the value chain of the petrochemical oil and gas industry
  • Realizing the goals of the Resistive Economy and the combating sanctions
  • Achieving the capability to export urea globally
  • Obtaining the opportunity to repay the cost of capital projects
  • Satisfying a major portion of Iran’s currency needs
  • Ensuring the future of Iranian agriculture


Sepehr Energy

Sepehr Energy Holding

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Shazan Petrochemical Co.

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Petrocfarhang Co.

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Dena Petrochemical Industries

Sabalan Petrochemical Co.

SECO International Trade Company (SITCO)

Leadership Team And Chairman

Mohammad Taher Shafie Seyf Abadi

Jalil Jalili


1- Graduated from the Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch, bachelor of Judicial Law on 1999-02.

2- Graduated in Private Law with a master’s degree on 2008-01-05 from Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch
Thesis: The Nature of Offer and Acceptance and its Implications

3- Ph.D. student in Private Law at Islamic Azad University, Zanjan Branch

Work Experience:

1- Judicial Officer in the judicial branch of the 57th Division of the IRI Army

2- Obtaining an internship license for a lawyer in 2002

3- Basic lawyer of a judiciary and member of the Central Bar Association since 2005 with license number 10638

4- Representation in various legal cases by companies or against companies in courts and lawyers in the case of natural persons since 2002

5- Arbitration in cases as a designated arbitrator of the Courts of Justice
6- Contract affairs consultant, lawyer of private companies, including Sepid Aj and Petromad Shimi Co., …

7- Professor of Civil Law, Commercial Law and Civil Procedure at Islamic Azad University

8- Legal advisor to Petrofarhang Co. since 2019-11-22

Shahrooz Manavi


Master of Public Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration

Work Experience:

Over 17 years of experience in finance and assemblies including:

Sepehr Energy Holding from 2011-05-06-Present

Hoshyar Momayez Auditing Institute from 2005-04-21 to 2011-05-05

Sabbaghi Trading

Member of the Iranian Association of Certified Public Accountants

Member of Iran Management Association

Member of the International Association of Accountants

Saeed Yar Mohammadi


Bachelor of Accounting

Work Experience:

Deputy of Planning and Economic Affairs at Shazand Petrochemical Co. since 01/09/2013-Present

Deputy CEO from 23/03/2012 to 01/09/2013

Advisor to the CEO from 2012-02-19 to 2012-06-12

Member of Shazand Petrochemical Company Trading Commission since 2002 (currently a member of Trading Commission)

Chairman of the feed committee of Shazand Petrochemical Company since 2014

Member of the Board of Directors of Lavan Chemical Co. since 2014

Member of the Board of Directors of Ardabil Petrochemical Co. from 2005 to 2011

Finance Manager of Shazand Petrochemical Co. from 01/21/2006 to 2012-02-19

Head of the Accounting of the Complex from 08/28/2002 to 01/21/2006

Head of Letter of Credit Accounting from 2001-03-21 to 2002-12-19

Mohammad Ali Karimian Aliabadi


Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering

Master of Metallurgical Engineering (material selection)

Work Experience:

Deputy CEO of SECO International Trade Company (SITCO) and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at SITCO (present)

Advisor to the CEO of Isfahan Petrochemical Co. from 2018-11-22 to 2020-03-02

Senior Consultant and Executor of 12,000 Ton Silicon Magnesium Unit Projects at Navid Alloy Co. from 2018-11-20 to 2019-11-01

Deputy Plan and Program of Hepco Holding from 2019-07-23 to 2020-02-24

Managing Director and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at Pooyesh Zob Ahan Engineering Co. from 2017-11-25 to 2018-11-20

Project manager and contracts of steam process designers and executors (executor of more than 25 industrial and construction projects

Chairman of the Board of Directors at Energy Development and Rehabilitation Engineering Company from 2007 to 2013

Executive and non-executive director

Project Manager in 16 Hydrogen Furnaces Development Project at the Mobarakeh Steel Cold Rolling Unit

Project Manager of office and industrial buildings in all areas of Mobarakeh Steel Co.

Director of Contracts and Projects of Steam Process Designers and Executors Company from 2014 to 2016

Project manager for the construction of industrial buildings at the IRGC Air and Space Force

Project manager of fan installation, phase 15 and 16 of Assaluyeh, units 6, 7 and 8

Project manager for the installation of equipment and steel frame of the direct reduction furnace at Sirjan Steel

Project manager for the installation of steel frame and equipment: about 4000 tons of steel frame and direct reduction furnace equipment at Saba Mobarakeh Steel

Project manager for the installation of units 101 to 105, and the design and development of limestone agglomeration in Central Iran

Workshop Supervisor for the installation of steel frame and direct reduction furnace equipment at Bafgh Steel Co.

Head of Rasmara Company’s workshop in Shazand Petrochemical Co. in departments of mechanics, electricity and civil

Supervisor of the workshop on completing the mechanical and electrical installations of industrial buildings at phases 9 and 10 of Assaluyeh

Executive supervisor of piping (about 40,000 inches) in unit C5, phases 6 to 8 of Assaluyeh,

Workshop Supervisor on Fabricating Petrochemical Reservoir Metal Piles (about 20,000 inches) in Assaluyeh Petrochemical Co.

Head of Piping Executive Workshop of all Morvarid Petrochemical Units

Workshop Manager on Excavation and Leveling at Morvarid Petrochemical Units in Assaluyeh

Supervisor of the construction and installation of air tanks at the University of Davos Jang

Workshop Supervisor at the Simane Gharb Plant on constructing equipment, tanks, and crusher

Head of Technical Office of Oxygen Production Workshop No. 4 at Mobarakeh Steel Co.

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