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Sepehr Energy Parent Company (Holding) operates in the Iranian oil, gas, and petrochemical sector and endeavors to expand the national financial, technical, economic, and social capacities by managing the construction and operation of industrial-economic projects. In this regard, Sepehr Energy aims to create value and improve profitability by completing the value chain of the energy industry in Iran and ensuring stakeholders' satisfaction. Sepehr Energy Co. promotes the human dignity of employees, stresses continuous innovation and organizational creativity and training, and exercises technological opportunities, capital, and global markets to contract partnerships with other partner companies at the national and regional-international levels. Through well-planned organizational effort, Sepehr Energy regards the transfer of state-of-the-art technology, re-engineering, and improving the organization's overall quality as its basic and strategic intentions, attempting intelligently to be among the top regional powers in engineering and technology. Sepehr Energy also operates globally to raise the market share of these industries, their oil and gas products, and petrochemicals, and facilitate the exchange of these products worldwide, putting safety, workspace health, maintaining the environmental stability (by complying with environmental standards) among its organizational and social responsibilities.