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Sepehr Energy Co. holds that its mission is to develop energy industries using the most competent methods and technologies to achieve stakeholder satisfaction. The activities of Sepehr Energy Co. range from investment, maintenance, support, and management of petrochemical and energy projects with organizational empowerment and business value models to exercising a comprehensive view of the internal and external spaces. Furthermore, Sepeher Energy has established its management systems based on ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, and ISO45001: 2018, and continuously attempts to improve its standards and intends to attract the effective participation of all employees to achieve the following objectives:


The following macro-strategic goals have been planned, which will be revised and introduced to the major stakeholders, if required, to achieve the extent of the integrated management system policy:

1- Continuous profitability

  1. Promotion of corporate brand and reputation
  2. Advancement of downstream development plans

4- Development and integration of management systems

5- Seeking financing opportunities

6- Corporate cost management

To ensure the effective implementation of this policy, the senior management of Sepehr Energy reviews the integrated management system regularly to enhance and upgrade the system and ensure the efficiency and satisfaction of requirements. All employees of Sepehr Energy Co. are committed to maintaining, exercising, and continuously improving all work processes and activities.