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Sabalan Petrochemical Co.

Inaugurated in May 1400 by the Incumbent President

Sabalan Petrochemical Co., with a focus on methanol production with a capacity of 1650 TMT per year, is located in phase II of the Assaluyeh Petrochemical Zone

Investment: $ 406 million

Revenue: $ 410 million annually

Feed: gas and oxygen

Employment (direct and indirect): 834 people


Sepehr Energy

Sepehr Energy Holding

شرکت ها

Dena Petrochemical Industries

Sabalan Petrochemical Co.

Sabalan Petrochemical Co.

شرکت ها

Lavan Sepehr Petrochemical Hub Co.

SECO International Trading Co.

SECO International Trade Company (SITCO)

Leadership Team And Chairman

Mohammad Zali

1998-1999 Manager of Tehran Refinery (Managing Director of Tehran Refining Company) (Managing Director).

1998-1997 Director of Refining Affairs (all nationwide refineries were under the supervision of the Refining Affairs

  • The supervisor of the capacity increasing project of Lavan Refinery and the project to optimize all refineries nationwide
  • Construction of new FCCUs in the Abadan Refinery
  • Constructing the isomerization unit of Tehran Refinery
  • Constructing the gasoline production unit in the Isfahan Refinery to increase production
  • Constructing a new unit in the Bandar Abbas Refinery for quality optimization

2007-2010 Managing Director of Khuzestan Refinery (performing basic engineering design, purchasing license, land and all executive activities). The project was arrested due to sanctions and the impossibility of financing the project.

2010-2011 CEO of Pars Energy Shahed Co.; constructing a refinery unit in Assaluyeh Port and designing, purchasing of license, land and all executive activities. The project was arrested due to lack of financial resources.

2011-2012 Managing Director of Parsian Sepehr Refining Company; completion of basic and detailed engineering; obtaining the necessary permits for construction in Mehr and Assaluyeh; initial preparation of the refinery in Mehr, which was stopped due to lack of financial resources. The project was transferred to new shareholders by the decree of the Ministry of Oil.

Abbas Dolatizadeh

2000-2001 Senior Project Process Engineer of Pars Petrochemical Unit’s Ethane Extraction Project

  • Basic and detailed design activities of the project were ongoing at the time
  • I have been in charge of controlling the designs done by Lindeh and Nargan companies.

2004: Selected Manager of National Petrochemical Company

2008-2009 The project of Mobin Utility Transfer to Mehr and Morvarid petrochemical companies

  • The project involved the transmission of high-pressure steam, DM water, fresh water, 20 kV substation and power grid, nitrogen, instrumentat air, ethane, ethylene, hydrogen, C3 +.

2012-2014 Deputy CEO of Pars Special Zone Organization in executive affairs

  • He has the authority of the CEO in all matters, including all financial authorities of the organization
  • Planning and following up on all executive activities and infrastructure development in the three regions I, II, III
  • Implementing engineering projects, municipal services, research and technology, ICT, standards and quality control have been among my most notable executive responsibilities

2012 Selected Manager of Tehran National Oil Company

2014-2015 Managing Director of FIRMCO Engineering and Installation Company

2015-2016 Managing Director of Doode Sanati Pars Company

March 30, 1995- Present: Executive Affairs Deputy Director of the Special Zone Organization

  • Reviewing and monitoring all the executive activities of the Special Zone Organization, including executive projects, zone maintenance activities, and submitting a report to the CEO, are among my responsibilities.

Sina Razaghi

Administrator of affairs at the Facility Directorate, Tehran Central Administration (4 years)

Deputy Credit Deputy in the North Tehran Administration (2 years)

technical and credit expert of the General Directorate of Supervision of Plans and Investments (3 years)

Credit expert at the General Directorate of Security (3 years)

General Manager of Credits at Bank Saderat Iran in the General Department of Credits (2 years)

2018-present: the General Manager of Bank Saderat Iran Project Supervision in the General Office of Project Supervision

Gholamreza Jamshidi

2019-Ph.D student in Business Administration

Shazand Arak Petrochemical Trade and Sales Deputy

‌Bahman Behzadi

Majid Ali Mohammadi

I have nearly 29 years of experience in the oil and petrochemical industries and during my service, I have been working in the operation, construction and installation, and design & engineering sectors.

Educational background:

Bachelor: Mechanical Engineering – Solids

work experience :

– 2019-Present: Technical Manager, Sepehr Energy Holding Business


–         2020-Present: Chairman of Sepehr Energy Trading Commission


–          2020-Present: Member of the Board of Directors of Sabalan Petrochemical Company

–          2015-2019: CEO of Pouya Sepehr Atlas


–          Master of Project Management at ICOFC


–          2009-2012: Director of Engineering Department at Saze Co.


– 2007-2009: Master of Process Engineering Norsk Norway (Singapore)


-1992-2006: Chief Safety Engineer of National Petrochemical Company















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Language Proficiencies

  • English- French-Turkish

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