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Sabalan petrochemical plant is the eighth methanol manufacturer in Iran.

Sabalan Petrochemical Industries Company (SPICO) was put into commission on April 2021 as the eighth methanol manufacturer of Iran. As a subsidiary of Sepehr Energy Holding, this company would produce 1.65 million tons of methanol annually.

The Creation of more than 300 direct and 900 indirect jobs is among the achievements of SPICO. According to estimates, by the commission of Dena and Siraf petrochemical plants, the total number of direct and indirect jobs created by Sepehr Energy Holding would surpass 5000 jobs.

Sabalan petrochemical plant started operation under certain conditions, such as the most severe international sanctions that prevented cooperation with foreign companies. Despite the conditions, through supports provided by the holding and programs of the company, the project was not interrupted. Finally, this company started operation as the second leap of petrochemical industries.

Also, the three catalysts required by the plant were made by indigenous companies, which led to the self-sufficiency of our country in this area and turned the international sanctions into national self-confidence.

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