Petrofarhang and Sepehr Energy’s outcomes from the Iran Expo Exhibition.

Petrofarhang Holding, Sepehr Energy, and their subsidiary companies attended the sixth Exhibition of Iran Expo 2024 to develop and identify global markets, increase international cooperation, cooperate with knowledge-based companies, and recognize qualified companies in the Oil industry.

The stand of Petrofarhang and its subsidiary companies is host to the visitors of this exhibition in Hall 38. During the first three days, the stand witnessed the lively presence of national and international businessmen, national officials, and manufacturing companies of the oil and energy industry. Moreover, more than 45 special meetings were held at the CEO level and expert teams.

Seyyed Ali Rouhani, Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance, CEOs of manufacturing companies, bank managers, businessmen of different countries at the exhibition, senior managers of export companies, as well as manufacturers of specialized parts and equipment in the oil and energy area, visited the Petrofarhang’s stand.

On this day, Joint business meetings with CEOs of petrochemical companies and international companies attending this exhibition were held to create new markets and increase national and international cooperation.

The exhibition of export capabilities started in 17 exhibition halls, with an area of 50,000 meters and the attendance of 800 Iranian companies. 3,500 B2B meetings are expected to be held in the presence of 50 high-ranked boards.

The sixth Exhibition of the Iran Expo was started by the Trade Development Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions on Saturday, April 28 , for 5 days. The opening ceremony of this exhibition took place in the presence of President Ayatollah Raisi, Abbas Ali Abadi, the Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade, and other officials and representatives of the guest countries.

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