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The Ministry of Education’s approval of Petrofarhang Holding’s performance.

The Minister of Education: “Petrofarhang Holding has acted efficiently in entering downstream industries and producing acetic acid, which should keep going this way.”

Dr. Rezamorad Sahrayi, in a meeting with the CEO, president, managerial board members, and deputy directors of Educators’ Financial Savings (SZF), and members of the organizational board of subsidiary holdings, congratulated the beginning of the new year and Fitr Eid and referred to the naming of the year 1403 by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution as Production Leap to emphasized people’s participation the importance of the position, life affairs, and wealth creation for teachers and said: “A Part of the teachers’ high position depends on their welfare and the responsibility of strengthening their daily life affairs is on your shoulders by wealth creation and the savings play an important and profound role in this field.”

Repair the trust of educators in the savings account.

In this meeting, held with the presence of Engineer Ali Yari, CEO of Sepehr Energy Holding, Dr. Sahrai stated that one of their main concerns is the teachers’ trust in the savings account and named trust-building and guaranteeing among educators as one of the key tasks of the decision-making and management elements of the safe: “We expect the trust to get back to the educators’ community because they are investors and the savings is considered their trustees and the dear teachers must feel consent and satisfaction.”

He stated that teachers’ satisfaction will lead to society’s progress and the savings group should assist with this goal.

Paying attention to productivity in all components of the account is a must.

The Minister of Education considered it necessary to increase productivity and changes in all elements and departments of the account and asked to act in a way that the Educational System’s affairs be entrusted to the account.

7,330 Vocational Schools around the country can be manufacturing units of the account.

Dr. Sahrayi referred to the existence of the Educational System’s capacities for activities in favor of the account and added that more than 7,300 Vocational Schools available could be a manufacturing unit for the account; for this purpose, it is very important to profit from the capacities.

For the slogan of the year, Leap in Production, to come true, we have great expectations for the account.

The Minister of Education said: “We are earnestly expecting the account to fulfill the slogan of the year and the savings for educators to announce its plan in a short time.”

Being appreciated for positive activities in house constructions and petrochemicals

Dr. Sahrayi added to his words: “Reasonable actions have been taken to provide houses for the educational system’s employees, as well as Petrofarhang Holding’s joining downstream industries and acetic acid production, which should keep going.”

Putting stress on the pursuit of the ownership value of the members

Regarding the full implementation of the ownership value plan, the Minister of Education stressed that “serious actions are needed regarding the matter” and “we are following the issue of ownership shares.”

The revival of Sarmayeh Bank should be pursued thoughtfully.

“The stress is on the revival of Sarmayeh Bank and the fundamental changes in the bank’s activities and arrangement. Capital Bank still faces crises and challenges that must be solved”, added Dr. Sahrayi.

Avoid exaggerated policies in the savings account

Dr. Sahrayi on the withdrawal of extra policies from Educatur’s savings. He suggested that “in the process of appointing new people, we should avoid political appointments and employ pure, committed, and expert individuals, and the slightest corruption in the account is not acceptable.”

Stress on authentic profitability

While stressing the authentic and transparent profitability of the account, Dr. Sahrayi said: “We should not include any Loss-making company in the accounts cycle.”

In this meeting, Mohsen Ahmadi, the CEO of Educators’ Financial Savings, congratulated the Minister of Education for the beginning of the new year and Fitr Eid, praised the supportive behavior and guidance of Dr. Sahrayi regarding the Educators’ Financial Savings, and gave a brief lecture on actions and performance of the savings during the past year. He also announced the upcoming plans for the present year.

The CEO of the savings reminded the importance of the welfare and life affairs of the educational employees as a priority of the savings and said: “Constructing special houses for the teachers is the specific plan on the agenda as one of the demands of this knowledgeable class of the society.”

Also, Seyyed Abdol Majid Faraji, the chairman of the managers’ board of savings, expressed gratitude toward the chairman of the board of trustees of Educators’ Financial Savings (SZF) and highlighted: “Creating added value and sustainable profit for teachers is one of the main goals of the savings during 2024 (1403).”

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