“Sabalan Petrochemicals’ methanol production increased by 69%”

While appreciating Sabalan Petrochemical Company for its brilliant performance during the past 8 months, the CEO of Petrofarhang Holding said: “This company is active in various indicators, including production and sales growth, profitability, standardization of activities, human resources organization, and meeting unique and transformative benchmarks is admirable.

“Sabalan has produced nearly 700,000 tons of methanol in the past 8 months since August 22, 2023, unto April 19 this year, which is a 69% growth compared to the same period last year,” said Dr. Javad Zarepourin in a performance evaluation meeting held for Sabalan Petrochemical Industries Company.

Dr. Zarepour stated that Sabalan Petrochemical Industries Company has entered into the Operating Profit era with the efforts of the employees working at different levels, and highlighted that increasing profitability as the most important priority should be on the agenda of manufacturer companies and to realize this, they are required to submit regular reports.

Petrofarhang Holding CEO and Vice President of the Board of Managers urged managers to reduce total manufacturing costs and increase profitability.

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