A technology supply agreement and basic engineering execution agreement were signed by Lavan Chemical Company.

A technology supply agreement, developed basic engineering, and the implementation of the project in the form of LEPCCF were signed between Lavan Chemical Company and Bam Dez Project Company.

The Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Acting Head of Lavan Chemical Company announced during the sidelines of the second exclusive Eurasia exhibition about this agreement: In line with realizing the aspirations of the esteemed leadership in preventing crude sales and diversifying Petrofarhang products, as well as achieving the overall policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, this company signed a memorandum of understanding with Bam Dez Company for technology supply, developed basic engineering, and project implementation in the form of LEPCCF.

Hojatollah Ismaeili, regarding this agreement, stated: This agreement has been concluded to realize the aspirations of the esteemed leadership in preventing crude sales and achieving the development goals of downstream industries, preventing crude sales, and creating added value for the shareholders. This memorandum includes agreements on technology supply, licensing rights, process design, basic engineering, and the construction of the acetic acid plant using the LEPCCF method.

Lavan Chemical Company, one of the priority projects under the Petrofarhang Holding subsidiary, has commenced its operations on a 24.8-hectare plot in Phase 2 of the Pars Energy Special Economic Zone. Upon the project’s completion, the production will encompass 200,000 tons of acetic acid in the initial phase, 100,000 tons of vinyl acetate monomer, and 300,000 tons of synthetic ethanol in the subsequent phase, utilizing methanol and synthesis gas from the region as feedstock.

It is worth mentioning that the National Development Fund has approved facilities for this prominent national project, and the relevant executive stages are currently underway.


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