Sabalan Petrochemicals reached 100% production capacity

Sabalan Petrochemicals’ CEO declared the firm reached its 100% production capacity: “Production capacity reached 100% for a few days back in April, but there was a halt due to feed supply issues. Fortunately, a persistent 100% production capacity is currently maintained after the follow ups in this regard”.

Engineer Reza Karimi, CEO at Sabalan Petrochemicals, announced: “Fortunately, the efforts invested in resolving the oxygen feed supply problems in Damavand Petrochemicals came to fruition and the second ASU unit at Damavand with a 62,000 normal cubic meters of HP oxygen operated through a joint investment of Sablan Petrochemical and Damavand Company was put into used. The company’s production has thus reached 100% capacity over the recent years, realizing the slogan of “Production growth and inflation control”.

Sabalan CEO added: “At this rate, Sabalan Petrochemicals’ daily production has reached 5,000 tons of methanol, indicating increased sales and currency exchange which will help control inflation effectively. Moreover, the agreements made regarding oxygen supply in Phase 2, Asalouyeh, by Damavand Energy guarantee that the increased capacity will be stable as there is no longer any issues with the oxygen supply. Such a stable production would mean wealth generation for the country and our esteemed shareholders.

Pointing to the efforts of PEtrofarhang Holding’s supervisor to supply the required oxygen, Engineer KArimi emphasized: “Dr. Zarepour has been persistently doing his best to ensure these results and we would thus like to extend our gratitude to him.”

Ultimately, Sabalan Petrochemical’s CEO declared: “Having hired a set of professional and committed young individual, Sabalan complex has defined one of its goals to be achieving an effective role in the national petrochemical industry and is consistently trying to realize it. One of the conditions of accomplishing this goal –i.e. reaching 100% production capacity- has been achieved so far”.

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