A 266% increase in operational profits compared to the last fiscal year

Sepehr Lavan Petrochemical Pole’s CEO announced a 266% increase in operational profits in 2023 compared to the last fiscal year in the company’s annual assembly held on November 6th.

Energy Sepehr Holding’s Public Affairs reported that in this assembly chaired by Ali Lotfi, the firm CEO declared: “Following the developmental plans of the firm aimed at increasing the required comprehensive services in Asalouyeh region including Hoteling, Catering, and labor force supply, a 266% increase in operational profits compared to the last fiscal year was recorded, which has been rare in the recent years”.

Saleh Naderi continued: “Creating wealth for shareholders and developing non-industrial services were pursued with determination to the point that a remarkable 40-fold increase in the firm’s net profit was recorded by the end of the fiscal year to allow the organization’s infrastructural development. In this regard, hoteling services were provided to the staff in two other cities for the first time.

Pointing to the most important managerial measures taken over the recent fiscal year, he declared: “Efforts to improve the quality of the service provided in the restaurant and hotel, fund the required liquidity by collecting the claims from co-working companies, reduce current costs by eliminating excess operations and modifying the raw material supply process in the trade sector, and planning and pursuing the company’s legal issues are also among the most remarkable measures taken over the past year”.

Naderi added: “Establishment of the company’s industrial treatment plant with an annual capacity of over 36 million liters to protect the environment at the hotel site in Shirino Village, Asalouyeh County, was also implemented. Regardless of the environmental issues, this system will save 500,000 liters of water annually. Estimations suggest that this system will supply 1.8 million liters of the water required annually to irrigate the complex’s greens spaces, and the rest will be delivered to farmers for agricultural purposes after the approval of the Environmental Protection Organization”.

Finally, he declared: “A 71% increase in catering service capacity given the equipment implemented in the recent fiscal year was also among the measures taken to improve the company’s services”.

By the end of the meeting, financial statements and board of directors’ report to the assembly were approved and Iran Newspaper was appointed as Sepehr Lavan Petrochemical Pole’s official Newspaper.

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