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A meeting between Siraf Energy Petrochemicals, Energy Sepehr Holding, and Bushehr Province Governorate

Siraf Energy Petrochemicals and Energy Sepehr Holdings’ CEOs met with Ahmad Mohammadizadeh, Bushehr province governorate, to investigate the progress of projects.

In this meeting, Ali Yari, CEO and board of directors’ deputy chairman at Energy Sepehr Holding, pointed to the condition of this holding’s petrochemical plants in Bushehr: “Besides the Sabalan Petrochemicals that has been operating for two years, Siraf and Dena Petrochemicals are also situated in Bushehr province and have each had considerable progress”.

Deputy Chairman of Energy Sepehr Holding discussed the important measures taken toward Siraf Petrochemicals project progress: “Thanks to the CEO of this petrochemical plant, appropriate measures have been taken that will make for faster project completion and employment of over 700 people should the senior management group of the province be cooperative”.

Later in this meeting, Hassan Nozhat, CEO and board of directors’ chairman at Siraf Energy, pointed to the fact that Siraf Energy Petrochemical complex covering 55 hectares of Deyr County will possess all the required infrastructures including export tanks and utilities: “The operation of this project would provide remarkable employment opportunities in the south of the province, especially in Deyr County, for young individuals and professionals in the province”.

Ahmad Mohammadizadeh, Bushehr province governorate, admitted the significance of petrochemical industry in the development of the country and Bushehr province as well as the significance of local labor force later in the meeting, and promised the necessary follow-up and assistance to resolve the issues of Siraf Energy and Energy Sepehr Holdings.

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