A thousand billion Rial contract with local manufacturers in Dena petrochemical.

According to announcement of Dena petrochemical CEO, a contract worth over 1000 billion Rials has been signed between local manufacturers and this company to support national production and industrial self-sufficiency. Signing this contract not only preserves future of the projects from sanctions and political pressures, but also Dena petrochemical can reach to production phase ahead of schedule.

Public relation (PR) of Sepehr Energy co.,Mohammadali Karimian, reported that this contract which agrees with supreme leader’s intentions and macro-national policies includes producing over 2000 tons of steel structures and promises a significant progress in the project.

He continued: supporting national production, preventing the outflow of currency from the country and making sustainable jobs are the consequences of this contract. However, the most critical point is the national trust on local experts and engineers. On the other hand, it is about the wisdom of managers in believing in theirs potential.

Dena petrochemical CEO added: fortunately, completion and operation of Sabalan Methanol Petrochemical, as another subsidiary of Sepehr Energy co. gave a lot of new positive ideas that not only make the dark points of the progress path clear for managers, but leads to optimal use of time and money.

Dena petrochemical as a subsidiary of Sepehr Energy co. will start working in 1402 with production capacity of 1 million and 650 thousand tons of methanol which will increase production of methanol up to 3 million and 300 thousand tons.

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