Appreciation of the Security Personnel of Sabalan Petrochemical Company

On the occasion of National Security Day and with the presence of Seyyed Yaser Daliri, the Central Inspection Director of the Holding, Farhad Jahangiri, the vice president and board member of Sepehr Energy, and Reza Karimi, the CEO of Sabalan Petrochemical, expressed their appreciation for the security personnel of Sabalan Petrochemical Industries.

Seyyed Yaser Daliri, during his visit to the site of Sabalan Petrochemical, congratulated the dedicated security personnel and said: There is no doubt that the role of security personnel in creating peace and security within the industrial complex is unparalleled, as this sector has always been entrusted with the duty of safeguarding various aspects of its field.

Daliri emphasized the importance of this field and its contribution to organizational excellence and achieving security goals. He praised the efforts made in this regard and acknowledged the progress witnessed in this organization.

Engineer Karimi, the CEO of Sabalan Petrochemical, also highlighted the importance of securing tranquility and safety, stating: Undoubtedly, ensuring and protecting peace and security are among the most crucial needs of the petrochemical industry, which is at the forefront of the country’s economy, indicating the significance and position of security.

He added: On behalf of myself and the board members, and representing all the employees of the company, I express my gratitude for your efforts, and I hope that you will be successful in fulfilling your critical and determinant duties as you have done in the past.

Furthermore, Engineer Eghlima, the acting head of the security department at Sabalan, congratulated the security personnel of Sabalan Petrochemical and expressed his appreciation, saying: With trust in the Almighty and by installing divine piety in the protection of the Sabalan Petrochemical complex, which is one of the unique achievements of the sacred system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we will always strive to fulfill our responsibilities.

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