Dr. Behrouz Abbasi

Behrouz Abbasi CEO: Sabalan Petrochemical will be launched in the coming weeks

According to the public relations of Sepehr Energy Holding, the CEO said: Sabalan Petrochemical, as one of the three methanol-producing petrochemicals subsidiaries of this holding, will be ready to be launched in the weeks to come.

Dr. Behrouz Abbasi added: “This project will directly employ 300 people.”

He further stated: “Sabalan, as one of the projects of the second leap of Iran’s petrochemical industry, is being ready for operation while facing many problems after the severe global sanctions, but fortunately, with well-thought planning and operation, not only did the project not stop but also Iranian engineers and domestic producers cooperated and even for the first time, manufactured catalysts required for this petrochemical.

Sabalan Petrochemical, Dena, and Siraf, as subsidiaries of Sepehr Energy Holding, will increase Iran’s methanol production capacity by 5 million tons after starting the operation.

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