Behrooz Abbasi

Congratulatory Message from the Sepehr Energy CEO Regarding the Foundation Anniversary of Sabalan Petrochemical

Dr. Behroz Abbasi, the Sepehr Energy Holding CEO, congratulated the foundation anniversary of Sabalan Petrochemical with a message.
This is the message:
Dear CEO
Precious board members
And esteemed colleagues in Sabalan Petrochemical Company
I offer my congratulations to all of you on the fourteenth of Mehr, which is the foundation anniversary of Sabalan Petrochemicals.
“Sabalan” is a great name for a company that stands over the peaks of pride with steadfastness and stableness. The development of this Petrochemical company, as the forerunner of Sepehr Energy Holding designs, is the result of your responsible efforts that always emphasized the sole aspiration of “development and progress” during the hardships of this project completion path and never allowed those oppressive sanctions scare you because the development of an Islamic Iran was always your sole purpose.
These sublime and singular aspirations in the context of “holding development and the progress of our dear Iran” were undoubtedly the secret behind your indefatigable efforts that never forgot the difficult path of progress and growth, and always chivalrously stayed true to your grand promise. We have found a great and praiseworthy resource in our climb to success, which is “efficient manpower” which has been the most expensive reserve of this company.
I once again congratulate the foundation anniversary of Sabalan Petrochemical to the dear CEO of this company, Mr. Mohammad Zali, the distinguished members of the board of directors, and other diligent and venerable managers of that company. While expressing my gratitude for the tireless and valuable efforts of every venerable employee and worker in this company who have worked hard during the years of completing this project.

With the most sincere congratulations and wishes of success for you.
Behroz Abbasi | CEO of Sepehr Energy Holding

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