Field Visit of Senior Managers from the Cultural Heritage Fund, Petrofarhang, and Sepehr Energy to Siraf Energy Petrochemical Company

The board members of the Cultural Heritage Fund visited Siraf Energy Petrochemical Company in Bandar-e Dayyer, Bushehr Province. This visit, which was attended by the vice president of Petrofarhang and the vice president and board member of Sepehr Energy, focused on reviewing the company’s latest programs, with the presence of the CEO of Siraf Energy.

Mohsen Masoudi and Laylee Nazarpour, members of the board of the Cultural Heritage Fund, as well as Javad Zarepour, the vice president, and Houshang Omranee, a board member of the Cultural Heritage Fund, along with Gholamreza Moghimi, the vice president of Petrofarhang, and Farhad Jahangiri, the vice president and board member of Sepehr Energy, were present during this visit.

Hassan Nazhat, the CEO of Siraf Energy, provided a detailed explanation of the company’s recent achievements and challenges.

Siraf Energy Petrochemical Company, which is a subsidiary of Sepehr Energy Holding, has an annual methanol production capacity of 1.65 million tons in Bandar-e Dayyer, Bushehr Province, and is one of the companies under the umbrella of Sepehr Energy Holding.

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