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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant with an Annual Capacity of 36 Million Liters to be Launched

The CEO of Sepaher Petrochemical Laavan announced the upcoming launch of an industrial wastewater treatment plant with an annual capacity of over 36,000 cubic meters (equivalent to 36 million liters) in the coming days.

Engineer Saleh Naderi stated that this treatment plant, located at the company’s hotel site in Shirinoo, Asalouyeh, has been constructed to protect the environment. Once completed, it will contribute to water conservation, saving 500,000 liters of water annually in the industrial complex.

Furthermore, Naderi mentioned that approximately 1.8 million liters of water required for green spaces in the complex will be supplied by this system, while the remaining water will be released for agricultural purposes, subject to approval from the Environmental Protection Organization, to benefit local farmers.

Naderi concluded by stating that in parallel with the completion of the treatment plant, a drip irrigation system will be implemented to ensure optimal utilization of the available water. The treatment plant is also designed to address the wastewater treatment needs of the 9-story hotel of the company, which is scheduled to commence operations in the future.

Sepaher Laavan Non-Industrial Operations Company is a subsidiary of Sepehr Energy Holding, operating in the fields of hospitality, warehousing, transportation, and workforce supply.


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