Dr. Behrooz Abbasi

Message from the CEO of Sepehr Energy Holding Regarding the Anniversary of Dena Petrochemicals

Dr. Behroz Abbasi, the Sepehr Energy Holding CEO, congratulated the foundation anniversary of Dena Petrochemical with a message.
This is the message:
Dear CEO
Precious board members
And esteemed colleagues in Sabalan Petrochemical Company
I offer my congratulations to all of you on the twentieth of Mehr, which is the foundation anniversary of Dena Petrochemicals.
Climbing the mountain of success is a difficult path that requires steadfast and patient men and women who have a vision of satisfying their creator and servicing the people as their guidance and find their singular goal in developing their societies.
“Dena,” just as the name suggests, has gone through various ups and downs to perform all its duties in Islamic Iran thanks to the effort and support of its hardworking staff that spare no effort in the development and progress of this project.
The 68 percent progress of this project alongside the firm decision of its managers, venerable board members, and every staff and line worker for operationalizing Dena petrochemicals by 2023 with their shared promise of overcoming these oppressive sanctions is not only worthy of appreciation and gratitude but is a banner of pride and self-confidence.
I once again congratulate the foundation anniversary of Dena petrochemicals to its dear CEO Mr. Mohammad Ali Karimian, its respected board members, and other venerable managers and works of the company while sincerely thanking the relentless and valuable endeavors of every single honorable employee and worker who spared no efforts.

With the most sincere congratulations and wishes of success for you.
Behroz Abbasi | CEO of Sepehr Energy Holding

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