Message from the Dena Petrochemical Company regarding the Company Foundation Anniversary

Thank God Almighty for this opportunity to congratulate the 20th of Mehr, which is the foundation anniversary of Dena Petrochemicals, and thank every single valuable colleague of ours who cultivate common ideals such as the successes of Dena.
“Responsibility” is a unique opportunity from God for his worthy servants to walk the path of satisfaction of people and illuminate the path of human excellence with their effort and hard work because “worship is nothing but serving people.”
All you valuable and hardworking colleagues create a unique opportunity by properly accepting and performing your responsibilities to help the Excellency of Iran and be a source of pride and blessing for your society while gaining the satisfaction of God.
I am extremely confident that you will not spare any effort to reach the peak of success and service with your unified ideal of “development and progress” consistently and substantially just like Dena mountain.
I once again congratulate this great day to all my venerable colleagues and ask God almighty for your honor, victory, and pride.

Dr. Farhad Jahanghiri
Chairman of Dena Petrochemicals’ Board

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