The Concreting Operation of Dena Petrochemicals was Conducted with a Volume of 1200 Cubic Meters

The largest Dena Petrochemicals concreting operation was conducted within an area of 1200 cubic meters with 300 tons of reinforcements during the current day.
The Sepehr Energy Holding CEO has said: according to our planning, this operation will be conducted in the “reformer,” “boiler” and “steam drum” sections during only twenty-four hours, which is unprecedented in its kind.
Behroz Abbasi added: a thousand billion Rial contract was signed last month with domestic manufacturers to support domestic production and national independence, which includes the creation of more than 2 thousand tons of metallic structures such as Dena Petrochemicals’ structure and grating to accelerate the completion of this project.
He continued: After operationalizing the Sabalan Petrochemicals, the whole focus of our Holding is one the completion of Dena and Siraf Petrochemicals before the deadline to increase the methanol production power of the country while conducting our future holding plans in downstream industries with more vigor.
Dena Petrochemicals will be operationalized in 1402 with a current 68 percent physical progress and the production capacity of 1,650 thousand tons of Methanol as a subsidiary of Sepehr Energy Holding.

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