The highest level of developmental negotiations in Petrofarhang and Sepehr Energy stands.

On the International Oil, Gas, Refining, and Petrochemicals Exhibition’s second day, the CEOs of Petrofarhang Holding and Sepehr Energy hosted senior managers of the banking system, Petrochemical Holdings, deputies of parliament, political officials, and journalists. During the event, negotiations were held around major issues in the Petrochemical Industry, while the foremost concern was Petrofarhang Holding and its subsidiary companies.

Dr. Javad Zarepour, Petrofarhang Holding CEO, attended the 28th International Oil, Gas, Refining, and Petrochemicals Exhibition on its second day and held several meetings while being at the Holding’s stand.

Dr. Ali Agha Mohammadi, a member of the Expediency Discernment Council, some advisors and senior managers of the Ministry of Oil, representative deputy of Gachsaran and Basht in parliament, managers of the National Petrochemical Industry of Iran, Petrochemical companies’ CEOs, senior managers of Tejarat Bank, manufacturer groups, and journalists were among the guests attending the exhibition.

Various issues were discussed in this meeting, namely providing the financial resources, Petrochemical Industry challenges, cooperation opportunities, equipment, and facility supply, besides announcing Petrofarhang’s and its subsidiary companies’ achievements.

Dr. Zarepour, CEO of Petrofarhang Holding, introduced the holding’s achievements through the past year: “Fortunately, Petrofarhang Holding was capable of facing challenges and breaking barriers in the past and had reached Operating Profit (EBIT) from Operating Loss through the 2023’s second 6 months. Our motto has come true: Change and Development. It’s good news for the shareholders. We are delighted to get the opportunity to create value for the assets of this respectful group of society.”

Emphasizing the possibility and opportunity for extensive cooperation with the banking system, scientific and academic system, manufacturers, knowledge-based companies, and further Petrochemical companies of Iran, he added: “Petrofarhang is currently on the way to growth. Considering the share of this holding in the portfolio of petrochemical products of Iran, especially methanol products, we are willing to cooperate with different sectors since we believe that this cooperation will create value for all parties involved in it, benefit the shareholders, and eventually, benefit Iran’s economy.”

The CEO of Petrofarhang stated: “It was due to God’s grace and the efforts of the group that we are in an optimal position today. Regarding the Supreme Leader’s nomination of the year as “Production Leap by People’s Participation”, we will try our hardest to do our fair share in this slogan’s fulfillment.”

Note that the 28th International Oil, Gas, Refining, and Petrochemical Exhibition is held from May 8 to 11 at the permanent location of Tehran Exhibitions, and Petrofarhang Holding will host visitors at stand 34, located in 38 B Hall.

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