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The initiative of Energy Sepehr Holdings to complete the methanol value chain

During the project manager of the National Petrochemical Industries Company’s visit to Sabalan Petrochemical Company, the CEO of Energy Sepehr Holding informed the project manager that studies were being conducted to enter the downstream. With the achievement of this objective, in addition to generating sustainable wealth, the methanol produced in the three petrochemical facilities of this holding will acquire an added value, as he explained.
Shana reports that Ahmad Shokri, the project manager of the National Petrochemical Industries Company, and Ali Yari, the CEO of Sepehr Energy Holding, visited Sabalan Petrochemical in Phase 2 of Asalooyeh, citing Sepehr Energy Holding. The Sablan petrochemical development plan and production continuity were reviewed during this visit.
Ali Yari, the CEO of Energy Sepehr Holding, stated during this visit, in reference to the holding’s intention to enter downstream industries, that “getting out of the single-product production framework of methanol is one of the holding’s highest priorities.” “We believe that the creation of stable and low-volatility wealth is reliant on the diversification of production products,” he explained. This company is pursuing two short-term programs — the development of Sabalan petrochemicals and the continuation of production — in order to join the downstream sector.
He added, “According to research conducted over the past few years by one of the most reputable management consulting firms in Europe regarding investment in the petrochemical field, it has been determined that 21 dollars are required to create each job in the downstream sector. In the upstream field, however, this figure reaches $940. In addition, the rate of return on investment in the downstream petrochemical sector is between 30 and 35 percent, whereas it is no more than 15 percent in the upstream industries. Consequently, it can be acknowledged that increasing the national GDP and generating stable employment are directly related to developmentalist strategies. Therefore, we view Sepehr Energy’s conscious entry into the downstream region as an obligation.”
Referring to the progress of approximately 80% of Dena Petrochemical and 59% of Siraf Energy, the CEO of Energy Sepehr Holding stated: “Although the completion of these two megaprojects is the holding’s top priority, significant consideration is being given to conducting downstream studies. This action is intended to generate long-term wealth for the shareholder, add value to the methanol produced by the three petrochemicals in this holding, and establish new economic goals.

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