The synergistic meeting of PRs of the subsidiaries of Sepehr Saderat Financial Group was held with the presence of Dr. Gharibpour

A synergistic meeting of the PR managers of the subsidiaries of the Saderat Group was held. At the beginning of the meeting, the public relations manager of Sepehr Saderat Financial Group welcomed all the attendees and stated, “The presence of Dr. Gharibpour, the manager of Sepehr Saderat Financial Group in such meetings has a message that indicates the significance of public relations in the view of managers.”

“As you may know, in September of 1999, shares of Sepehr Saderat Investment Company were offered in the capital market, and the shareholders follow the developments and the related news. The shareholders of Vespehr follow the news and check its status. As the representative of every single subsidiary company, Vespehr reflects the conducted activities to inform shareholders about the latest developments,” remarked Dr. Gharibpour, while greeting the public relations managers in the meeting, pointing to the significance of such meetings for the interaction and co-thinking between the subsidiaries and Sepehr Financial Group.


The CEO of Saderat Financial Group Investment said: “Sepehr Saderat Financial Group Company has formed an investment committee that holds a meeting once every two weeks, gathering the company experts to analyze the market events and monitor the status of the investments made by the group and its subsidiaries.”


“We intend to offer the shares of Sugarcane & By-products Development Co. and on the stock exchange market,” he added.  “Since The Privatization Organization assesses sugarcane & By-products Development Company and the financial group does not have a parallel assessment plan, this company’s share will enter the capital market after the actions of Privatization Organization and pricing,” he continued.


Dr. Gharibpour continued: “In the field of IT, we want to integrate this type of activity with the bank, and initial agreements have been made with IT Bank Holding. Furthermore, we intend to create a construction golding in our construction subsidiaries to create added value and complete incomplete projects.”

Considering the start of operation of Sabalan Petrochemical and the physical progress of 65% of Dena Petrochemical and 49.5% of Siraf Energy project, Sepehr Energy Holding intends to offer the shares of Sabalan Petrochemical Co. in the capital market.

“Your duty in the field of public relations is to have sufficient knowledge of the company in the first place and have full knowledge dominance regarding the share of Vespehr and the events in the company and its subsidiaries. This way, the ideas of shareholders will be reflected through interactions,” said Dr. Gharibpour, stressing the role of public relations in shareholder satisfaction.


Finishing his speech, Dr. Gharibpour stressed the interaction and co-thinking of the public relations in our subsidiaries and reminded: “Our duty in Sepehr Saderat Financial Group is to protect the property of shareholders and their assets in the market and increase the value of the company.” Accordingly, it is critical that you, as the public relations, have a dynamic, constructive, up-to-date, efficient, and transparent relationship not only with each other but also with Sepehr Financial Group, the customers, and the managers of the companies.


In the end, each of the public relations managers present at the meeting gave a brief introduction of the relevant companies and their ongoing activities and provided suggestions for further cooperation with the Saderat Financial Group and its subsidiaries.


Soroush Nimafar, Public Relations at Sepehr Energy Holding, was also among the attendees.

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