Behrouz Abbasi, CEO of Sepehr Energy

Yam CEO on the occasion of the eleventh year of the establishment of Sepehr Energy Holding

In a message, Behrouz Abbasi, the CEO of Sepehr Energy, congratulated the 11th anniversary of the Holding’s establishment. His message is as follows:

“Esteemed shareholders, and esteemed colleagues,

I would like to congratulate April 26, the anniversary of the establishment of Sepehr Energy Holding.

The seed planted yesterday is today’s eleven-year-old shade tree, growing taller and more fertile day by day.

Today, while celebrating the 11th anniversary of the establishment of this complex, thanks to God and the leadership of valuable shareholders, the company of esteemed board members, and the tireless efforts of all staff, We are on the verge of operating the Sabalan Petrochemical Co., as a forerunner of projects in this whole family. Undoubtedly, this success is due to the hard work of a group of honorable managers, employees, and workers who have based their great efforts on the grandeur of Sabalan, where they are standing now.

The remarkable growth of projects and groundbreaking steps in solving the previous problems of our other colleagues in Dena, Siraf, SITCO, Lavan, and Hub companies also manifests a unique and sublime ideal in the following framework: Holding Development and Providing Service to Dear Iran.

Nevertheless, the way ahead and the path of growth, which is certainly difficult and uneven, requires the great endeavor of all members of this family. While grappling with challenges, we can witness the flourishing of all the pillars of the company.

While congratulating the 11th anniversary of Sepehr Energy’s establishment to my diligent and esteemed colleagues in the holding and its subsidiaries, I would like to express my gratitude to the respected members of the Board of Directors and the immediate and valuable efforts of the honorable workers in the projects of this family, reflected in the development and progress of the company.


Behrouz Abbasi, CEO of Sepehr Energy

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