Zanganeh, Minister of Oil: The President to Launch the Sabalan Petrochemical + Video

Bijan Zanganeh (Thursday, April 16) at the inauguration ceremony of three petrochemical projects by video conference and by order of the President, while congratulating the holy month of Ramadan, said: “Our commitment at the beginning of 2019 was to complete those petrochemical projects with a capacity of 25 million tons. Happily, with the efforts of a group of managers and employees, and despite the COVID-19 pandemic and harsh sanctions against the oil industry, the biggest leap in the history of Iran’s petrochemical industry occurred in 2019; 21.5 million tons of a promised increase of about 25 million tons in petrochemical productions has been realized so far.”
“This ethane extraction project at Parsian Sepeher Refinery is the fourteenth plan from a total of seventeen plans pledged,” remarked Zanganeh, while stressing that the ethane extraction project of Parsian Sepehr Refinery and two important projects for the production of catalysts in the petrochemical industry will also be inaugurated today. Furthermore, he said that Masjed Soleiman Petrochemical Project, Sabalan Methanol, and Elixir Halal would also be inaugurated in the coming weeks.

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