Message from the CEO of Sepehr Energy Holding Regarding the Foundation Anniversary of SECO International Trading Company

Dr. Behroz Abbasi, the Sepehr Energy Holding CEO, congratulated the 6th of Aban as the foundation anniversary of SECO International Trading Co. with a message. This is the message:
Dear CEO
Precious board members
And esteemed colleagues in Sabalan Petrochemical Company
I offer my congratulations to all of you on the sixth of Aban, which is the foundation anniversary of SECO International Trading Co.
“SITCO” is the forerunner of Energy Sepehr subsidiaries and the commercial arm of a holding that soon will become the largest producer of methanol in the world. This is where the importance and position of SITCO come to light because you will hold down the frontiers of effort and endeavors.
Completing such projects in the difficult situation of sanctions and production in these competitive markets are due to the specialty, planning, and stability of grand thoughts from the colleagues over at “SITCO” who, undoubtedly, will become guides for the holding and its subsidiaries with their nonstop effort; therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to label our colleagues in this company as the “Luminaries” of our future holding path. Undoubtedly, the singular and transcendental ideal of this company “to realize” the efforts of their colleagues in Sabalan, Dena, and Siraf companies under the context of “holding development and the progress of our dear Iran” is the secret behind these tireless people who never forget the difficult way forward and path of growth while always abiding by their chivalrous ideals. We have found a great and praiseworthy resource in our climb to success, which is “efficient manpower” which has been the most expensive reserve of this group. I once again congratulate the foundation anniversary of SECO International Trading Company to its dear CEO Mr. GharibDoost, its venerable board members, and other honorable managers of the company while expressing my gratitude to the relentless and valuable endeavors of every single noble employee of this company that have spared no effort in previous years.

With the most sincere congratulations and wishes of success for you.
Behroz Abbasi | CEO of Sepehr Energy Holding

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